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Our Partner – Allan Houston & FISLL

Full Circle Confidential Workforce Wellness, is proud to collaborate and partner with NBA All-Star & Olympic Gold Medalist, Allan Houston, and his social impact program FISLL. Providing leadership training, and legacy development, FISLL exists to engage, equip and inspire performers to Live Better, Perform Better, and Lead Better. FISLL actuates 5 essential values of FAITH, INTEGRITY, SACRIFICE, LEADERSHIP, & LEGACY as language to promote wellness for the mind, body and spirit.

By partnering with FISLL, FCC Wellness is making it even easier to for organizations and high performance teams to obtain immediately accessible mental health, stress management, leadership development and diversity & inclusion training– across its multi-dimensional wellness model.

The FCC – FISSL combined focus on peak performance is accomplished through a value driven, virtual, membership experience that is available 24/7 to organizations and teams worldwide.